Jeff & Leslie Zella

We thought your service was top notch.  We had full confidence in you from beginning to end. 
We will refer you to anyone we know (for buying or selling) with highest regards.

Gary Abrams

If I was asked to describe Colleen Boyle-Jolin in one word, that word would have to be Fantastic!!
Colleen is a true professional, able to be tough when the circumstances call for it, but pleasant and approachable at the same time.
She has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the real estate business.  From market trends and individual town statistics to the fine intricacies involved in the mortgage approval process and much more!  She also stays up to date with any new laws and rules by spending considerable time on new education.
I’ve known Colleen for several years and when I was ready to buy a new home, there was no other Realtor that I was going put my trust in.  From the first day of the process she was always easy to contact and answered any and all questions that I brought up, no matter how complicated (and sometimes ridiculous) they were.  She was serious when the moment called for it , but also, we had many good laughs together over a variety of topics.  She made several recommendations and a few referrals, but never pressured me and always encouraged me to make my own decisions based on what worked best!
Colleen is smart and has an excellent work ethic.  She was accessable and listened attentively when I asked questions, gave knowledgable and informative answers and rather than respond with a guess, she researched any topic that was in question until she had an informed response!
Considering all of Colleen's many attributes I’ve mentioned, her personality is what stands above all.  She is trustworthy and personable.  To me, there is nothing more important than being able to have a confidant with whom you can trust to help you make one of the most important decisions in life.  The fact that it's so easy to make a connection with her is just icing on the cake!
I would gladly recommend Colleen Boyle-Jolin to anyone that is thinking of buying or selling property, with confidence and the assurance that they will be as enthusiastic about her as I am when they’re process is done!

Gary Abrams

Al & Iris Hunter

Colleen has always done a professional job with the sale of this home and the purchase of the same.  She has a wonderful personality and she really cares about her clients.

Bob Lapointe


Colleen helped me with my needs and questions regarding the sale of my house.  Her attention to detail was more than efficient.  I would recommend her services to anyone who might ask.

Phil Gauthier


Charlie is a customer service guy.  He is eager to help, give advice and schedule showings anytime.  He and Colleen run a very smooth ship from the modern convenience of e-doc signing, to their attention to detail in the home showings and and attention to detail in the buying process.  

Lidia Fraga

I enjoyed working with you again for the 2nd time.  You always take the time to listen to my concerns and always followed up with me on them.  Thank you!

Dave & Deb Park


We have been very satisfied with your ability to market our very unusual property in a way that attracted the small segment of buyers our property appealed to.  Also, we liked the fact that we could contact your office (Missy) even when you were unavailable.

John & Phyllis Simonetta

We felt very satisfied with your service and would highly recommend you to anyone.  We thought you were professional, efficient, communicated effectively, and were organized and prepared.  In short, your service was outstanding.  Your marketing is impressive.  It's what made you stand out to us, and remember you 2 years later!  It works!  Your service exceeded our expectations.

Mark & Jennifer Karoul


Excellent.  They took the time to help us when required.

Stan & Nancy Siegel

Outstanding-very professional!  It was great working with you and certainly I will tell my friends and associates.

Laura & John Homer


Colleen, it’s always a pleasure doing business with you and Charlie.  You sold my mom’s home, then helped us in buying a mobile home, and later selling it.  Thank you for all your professionalism and especially your expertise and your kindness.  Mom still enjoys receiving all of your correspondence!

You seem to be able to handle whatever issues come along, while keeping in mind your customer’s feelings and always work toward making the process a painless one!  Thanks again.

Richard May

Colleen, we were very pleased with your services.  You were consistent with the walkthroughs and you responded to all of our calls in a a timely manner.  In the event that anyone I know needs to sell their home, your services will be highly recommended.

Charlene Mackiewicz


Colleen’s perspective and knowledge of the current Real Estate market immediately and drastically changed our experience as sellers.  Her service and advice immediately brought response measurable in showings, listings and offers.  Within one week, we had multiple good offers that met our criteria.

Robert Adkisson


In an uncertain world, it was a rare experience to be able to count on Colleen 100%.  She completely earned our trust, and brought clarity to a process that has become more and more difficult and confusing.  Colleen has earned our business buying or selling, for life!  Her commission was a true bargain.  Colleen has critical connections in all aspects of the process including the trades.  These connections are wide and deep and too valuable to be compartmentalized.  Colleen should be managing other agents in addition to her own portfolio.  

PS, Missy was also fantastic.

buyer client

Thank you for guiding me through the process.  You've been a wonderful help to me.  Making sure that all is as it should be.  I enjoyed your personality, your help-you are simply wonderful!

Leslie & Vaughn Sargent


Your service was great. The team was attentive and got us more (money) than we expected!

Kelly & David Adams

You went above and beyond throughout the entire process.  You were very patient and informative.  You were very accessibile by phone and e-mail.  You have great attention to detail and deadlines.

Humberto Santiago & Maria LaTora


Charlie was able to make the buying process easy and simple. He was very patient and extremely professional.  Every time we had a question he made himself available.  He was the best and I would be referring everyone that I can to him.

We were very pleased with the time taken out to understand exactly what we were looking for. All questions were answered in a timely fashion and we really appreciated your patience throughout the entire process.

Ann-Marie & Larry Kirshon

Buying a home can be a scary process.   Working with you, we were reassured that we had sound advice and a keen eye for detail.  Plus, it was fun.  We appreciated the calmness, experience and skill you brought to our real estate transaction, and will recommend you highly.

Jeanne Gately


Colleen, you did a wonderful job and I am glad you handled the sale of my 1st home.

Joseph & Anne Campbell

We found Colleen to be a knowledgeable, experienced realtor.  She kept us informed of progress with e-mails and telephone calls.  A weekly mailing about web site activity was helpful.  All calls were promptly returned.  Colleen went the "extra mile" to sell our home.  Colleen, we were most pleased.

Rick & Sue Peck

Great job-thanks for all your help, which led to a quick sale!

Dick Chani


I was very pleased with everything from start to finish.  I will pass your name on to anyone who needs a great sales agent.

Geoffrey Harrison

10,000% satisfactory.  Couldn't think of anyone better and you are just the best and hardworking lady.  You are above & beyond-100% perfect-no need for more (regarding improving service).

Angie McGloin & Tom Cadigan


Colleen was fantastic!!!  She was very knowledgeable when looking at homes.  She was there for us during a hard time we went through with the previous tenants!  She was always there to answer any questions big or small.  Most of all, she’s an all around awesome person/sweetheart!

Rob Croce

Your service was excellent.  You are professional, knowledgeable, and accessible.  Good Job!

Scott Bobeck


Colleen and her entire team worked tirelessly to ensure that our expectations were not only met, but far exceeded.  The best thing anyone could ever do for themselves, if considering a real estate transaction, would be to call Colleen-you will be glad you did!  

-Regarding the question of what could be done to improve service, I wish I had something to offer, but you were just too good!

Brian Flaherty

Colleen, your service was fabulous.  You  went far and beyond your service to help me sell my home.  YOU'RE THE BEST!!

Sonia Bryan

You were organized, diligent, personable, paid attention to details, and timely.  I was very pleased with the services you provided, and I had full confidence in your abilities.  Thank you!

Joel Swanwick

You were very professional-even in the difficult market that we found ourselves in.  You made each step of the process go smoothly.  Any time I had a concern, I was able to contact you, and you resolved everything.

David & Felicia Hayes

Colleen is very proactive.  She has a tremendous grasp on the Real Estate Market.  She is also a pleasure to do business with.

Jeremy & Oksana Riberdy

Colleen impressed us with her professionalism and preparation during the initial presentation and she lived up to our expectations.  Colleen was exceptionally accommodating to our schedule and our puppy.  We were also impressed that she was not just riding the wave of a favorable market, but was always striving to improve through training.  Thank you, Colleen, for all your hard work and dedication!

Helen Garber

Excellent, above average!  Professional, polite, and helpful.  Great job!  I will miss talking with you.  We made a good team!

Betsy & Matt Crowley

We couldn't  have asked for a better Realtor!   Your patience, knowledge of the home buying process, and your professionalism made our experience a very positive one.  We would (and already have) referred prospective buyers to you.  Thank you for all of your help Colleen.  You're great!  Best of luck in everything you do! 

Betty & Sal Cifala

Colleen, we thought you were "fantastic".  Although the experience of selling and buying at the same time is difficult, it was done because of you.  Your professionalism and attention far exceeded what we expected.  Thank you a MILLION.

Len Doyle

My compliments to you for the professional conduct and patience you exhibited throughout the buying process.  It was extremely gratifying to know that we were working with someone who had our best interests at heart.  My wife and I sincerely appreciate the effort expanded by you and all involved. Thank you.

Gena & Rony Alhajj

Colleen is an outstanding Realtor!  She helped my husband and I every step of the way.  She explained everything I didn't understand, in detail.  She was flexible with accommodations.  We have found a perfect first house thanks to Colleen!

Nicole & Kevin Gilmore

Colleen was great.  The sale of our condo hit a few snags.  She kept us calm through the whole thing.  She took care of every little detail and answered every question, no matter how small or stupid!

Magdalena Lemoine-Dupuy

I have very high regards for you. I felt fortunate and rather lucky to have had you as a part of this whole process. The challenge was a success because I was dealing with a true professional, and that true professional is you! My most appreciated part is that not all the calls were to talk about the property; it was purely sincere caring on your part. Please keep up the great job; you are very good at what you are doing.

Stacey Knight

You made my first time home buying experience such a pleasure and turned all my fears into excitement. You were always so punctual and organized, which allowed me to focus completely. Everything was perfect! I was actually surprised at how unbelievably easy you made things for me. I would recommend you to all my friends!

Nina Berkowitz

You were EXTREMELY helpful to me as a new home buyer who knew very little about the process. You were always very prompt and reliable. You went over and beyond what I ever expected from you. I thought you were amazing!

Leslie & Vaughn Sargent

Your level of commitment and attention was great! We were never in the dark during the process, and greatly valued your knowledge and expertise.

Camilla Cook

Colleen is a very enthusiastic professional that was very effective in matching my desires and specifics of what I wanted in a home to what the real estate market provided.

Renee & Corey Silva

Service was great. You went the extra mile to make sure we were completely informed and aware about what was going on. You made us feel like we were in control of situations within the process of selling our home.

John Morse

The service you provided made it easy for someone like myself to find a home. By you doing a lot of the leg work for me, it made it easier.

Roberta Zinan

Your service was superior in every aspect. You were always available no matter what time of day to answer questions and keep me informed of what was happening in order to complete the sale. I would recommend you to everyone. I appreciate all that you did. 

Dawn Kilam and James Sigona

You came highly recommended! Colleen was very professional and made us feel very comfortable during our move. The team they provided was untouchable by every other realtor we came in contact with. From Colleen to the receptionist, you're by far heads and tails above the rest. 

Sonia Bryan

You paid attention to important details such as deadlines. You were courteous and overall very pleasant to work with. Your background knowledge in certain matters was helpful in the buying process. I would use you to sell my house or to buy another, as I have confidence in your integrity and competence.

Kym and Carmello Ayala

Colleen you were absolutely fabulous. You paid attention to our needs and feelings. You helped us in areas when you didn't have to. You were very supportive and encouraging and we totally appreciate the role you played. Hey, you even got a doll named after you.

Roy Broussard

Colleen was great. I consider her a new friend. She stayed in there and kept my hopes for a new house alive. And helped us find the home we always wanted.

Amy Willey

Excellent Service! As a first time home buyer Colleen made me feel that no question was too small. She was very helpful, informative and understanding. Colleen made this process easy and enjoyable.

Tim Holick

You were very thorough.  You were never afraid to tell me something-GOOD or BAD.  You always show you care,  you know what you're doing, and you have a great smile.

You do a great job, I will always recommend you!

Chris Gooding


Corrie and I are young parents with a newborn, and we needed something bigger than our condo.  Colleen made the process 100% stress free. She was available to talk late, early, weekdays, and weekends.  I would recommend her to anyone, I was 100% satisfied.